One of our goals is to create an atmosphere that energizes creativity and analytic thinking, and to use our conference center as a catalyst for the development and implementation of new ideas.

By coupling your meeting or conference with White Oak’s exceptional facilities and service you will make a lasting impression on employees and clients, while accomplishing your goals in a productive environment.  In addition, the wildlife staff and animals can create unique experiences to make a truly memorable event.

White Oak provides an exceptionally productive setting for meetings, conferences, and workshops, and we offer a variety of conference facilities suitable for gatherings of all sizes- from informal meetings to seminars for 100 people.

To make your conference, workshop, or meeting more productive and enjoyable the conference center includes: the famous Gilman Hall with bar and lounge with billiard tables and other games, a bowling alley, a full gym, and a business center.  Our team of chefs prepare exceptional meals served in the Great Hall, Café, or Big Game Room depending on your group’s needs.  A truly scenic option is available at the Riverside Pavilion, a covered outdoor venue along the banks of the St. Marys River that features a stone pizza oven and full grill cooking center.

An impressive list of organizations has used White Oak as the venue for their meetings and workshops including; the Clinton Global Initiative, Association of Zoos and Aquariums, National Cancer Institute, and Harvard Medical School.

For more information on Corporate Events and Conferences call 904-225-3285 or email