Lesser Kudu

Scientific Name: Tragelaphus emberbis

IUCN Status: Near Threatened

Quick Fact: The lesser kudu is in the same genus as the considerably larger greater kudu 

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The male lesser kudu has striking cork-screw curving horns and a grey coat accentuated with fine white camouflage stripes.  The females do not have horns and both sexes are shy, retiring to the shade and seclusion of the bush.  They are a member of the spiral- horned antelope family that also includes bongo and eland.  Lesser kudu are from the bush veldt regions of East Africa where they live in small herds and feed on a variety of leaves and plants.  The lesser kudu is still numerous in the wild, however their habit is decreasing due to overgrazing from domestic livestock.

White Oak acquired lesser kudu in 2005 and manages the herd as part of the cooperative breeding program for the species in zoos in North America.  The kudu facilities and staff at White Oak are well suited to the care and breeding of this species, and over 30 calves have been born here in the last seven years.