Conservation Research at White Oak

The research strategy at White Oak focuses on key species managed both at White Oak and at other partner institutions. Our scientific results and outcomes are communicated to our staff, scientists, conservationists and the general public through seminars, publications, and presentations at international conferences and in our own publications.

Focal areas include:

  • Support for animal programs
  • Development of new technology to manage populations
  • Collaborations to enhance our project potential
  • Novel studies to address emerging needs


White Oak is home to the South-East Zoo Alliance for Reproduction and Conservation (SEZARC) and through this unique partnership provides collaborative support for other institutions by providing visiting scientists with access to animals or biological samples, and through capacity training.

With SEZARC we also contribute to the sustainability of White Oak’s animal collection through reproductive monitoring, the development of assisted reproduction techniques, and animal health and welfare studies.

Highlighted Project

White Oak’s Avian Collection Manager, Andrew Schumann recently presented findings at the Avian Scientific Advisory Group Midyear, on a research project White Oak staff, in partnership with several AZA facilities, completed on increasing reproductive success of the critically endangered Blue-billed Curassow.

You can read the full project details here.


Click here to see a list of research studies and collaborations White Oak has worked on.