Conservation Summer Camp


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White Oak is proud to offer a suite of exciting new educational programs
for our Conservation Summer Camps! This summer your child will experience adventures on a global scale as they learn about ‘Conservation Across the Continents’. Whether your child is an alumnus to our camps or a first-time student, summer is sure to bring new adventures in learning and science.

Because we’re committed to advancing conservation literacy, these programs aim to teach –and inspire—conservation action through activities and lesson plans that make the wilderness YOUR classroom.

As an education guest, your child will learn from leading experts in diverse life sciences and engage in stimulating programs that infuse core scientific and conservation principles. Rather than seeing imperiled animals on a screen or reading theory in a book, students touch, smell, and truly experience wildlife and habitats while learning about the threats they face and the work necessary to ensure their survival.  Our innovative curriculum combines academic work, fun, and experiential learning.  The exceptional ‘White Oak guest experience’ includes; swimming, hiking, river tours, campfires, and the famous Gilman Hall, which are sure to make this camp an unforgettable experience for your student.

Please call or email if you have any questions: 904 225 3200 or