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People are vital to the success of conservation, whether through implementing conservation programs, supporting and engaging local communities,  or ensuring healthy assurance populations. Accordingly, the development of training and educational opportunities for students and professionals is one of White Oak’s highest priorities. We utilize expert staff and infrastructure to give students and conservation program personnel introduction and hands-on experience with conservation breeding and wildlife health programs, as well as international species-based conservation projects. We are proud to offer various opportunities to engage with White Oak’s experts and programs, including residencies, internships, preceptorships in veterinary science, and animal husbandry.

White Oak continues to accept applications and intends to host internships as planned, in accordance with COVID safety guidelines. Please email  with any questions or to submit application materials for any White Oak internship or professional training program.

Conservation Husbandry Internship

The conservation husbandry internships provide high school graduates, college students, and recent college graduates hands-on management experience with conservation breeding populations.  The internship offers direct experience working alongside staff in all aspects of animal care.  Interns work closely with our animal care specialists to care for the animals that call White Oak home.

·       Carnivore Conservation Husbandry Internship.

·       Avian Conservation Husbandry Internship.

·       Rhino/Ungulate Conservation Husbandry Internship.

·       Summer Conservation Husbandry Internship. **

**2022 Summer Conservation Husbandry Internship applications will open in December 2021/January 2022. Please check back for more information then! **

Grasshopper Sparrow Internship

 White Oak offers a unique experience for a qualified applicant with a strong passion for avian conservation to assist with all aspects of the avian team, with a specific focus on the grasshopper sparrow program. The Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Internship provides participants a strong in-situ and ex-situ conservation experience with the unique opportunity to utilize field technician skills in the management and husbandry of captive breeding populations designated for release. 

Santa Fe Zoo Science Post-Graduate Internship

White Oak offers an animal keeper internship opportunity for selected graduates of the Santa Fe College’s Zoo Animal Technology Program. The eight-month internship is designed to provide graduates with diversified hands-on husbandry experience in a conservation breeding center to better prepare candidates for an animal-care career in the zoological field. See the Santa Fe Internship page for application information. Qualified applicants must be recent graduates of the Santa Fe College’s Zoo Animal Technology Program.

Veterinary Technician Internship

White Oak offers a six-month internship program for veterinary technicians.  This unique opportunity adequately prepares the technicians for entry-level technician positions in zoo and wildlife medicine. Click here for application information.

Veterinary Preceptorship

White Oak offers six to eight-week Preceptorships to fourth-year veterinary students interested in working in zoological and wildlife medicine. Veterinary externs are introduced to zoo medicine and given hands-on experience working alongside White Oak’s veterinary staff. Learn more.

Please email  with any questions or to submit application materials for any White Oak internship or professional training program.

Veterinary Residency Program

White Oak partners with the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine to support the Zoological Medicine Residency program. This three-year program is designed for graduate veterinarians with post-graduate clinical experience, pursuing a zoological or wildlife medicine career. White Oak provides the program’s third-year Residents practical hands-on veterinary experience with endangered species assurance populations under the guidance of ACZM board-certified veterinarians. The Residency prepares veterinarians for entry into the field of wildlife medicine.

For more information visit the program site.

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