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The mission of White Oak Conservation is to “Save rare wildlife and habitats through sustainable assurance populations, education and responsible land stewardship.”

We recognize that in order to serve our mission, we need to operate daily in a sustainable manner, spanning all 17,000 acres.

Led by a Sustainability Team comprised of representatives of all departments, White Oak has committed to infusing green practices into our daily routines. Working towards a more sustainable future, we have implemented the following green practices:

  • Eliminated plastic water bottles 
  • Bee hives managed by culinary team
  • Two separate garden areas supply food for guest meals
  • Recycling throughout property
  • On-site Compost program 
  • Golf course exceeds Best Management Practices for Sustainability
  • Electronic & battery recycling 
  • Anti-idling policies
  • LED installation across property
  • Energy-efficient HVAC systems are installed
  • Repurpose program – unneeded items are offered to team members
  • Sustainability signage in guest lodges
  • Unused toiletries are donated to those in need
  • K-12 students are taught about sustainability
  • Items are repurposed through campus – ice packs, food bags and more
  • Bat houses are installed
  • Water use is monitored for possible leaks or improvements
  • Plastic feed bags are donated to local trash clean up events
  • No plastic straws
  • Our gift shop offers sustainable items, like water bottles
  • Soap bottles are refilled
  • Culinary department uses local and sustainable menu items
  • Energy star appliances used
  • Sustainability Sunday (posts on social media)
  • Solar powered gates
  • Chamber of Commerce “Green Business Award” 2017
  • Green procurement guidelines
  • Keep Nassau Beautiful “Adopt-a-Road” program
  • Annual Earth Day Celebration with the St. Mary Riverkeeper 
  • Paper reduction program, including printing and inter-office communications

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