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Summer Camp at White Oak Conservation is an experience like no other. Whether your child is a first-time camper or an alumnus, our premier programs are sure to grant them experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.  Through interactions with endangered wildlife, engagement with our expert staff of zoologists, veterinarians and researchers, team-building activities and various recreational adventures, campers are provided with unique, experiential opportunities every day of the week. 

Featuring small group sizes, your camper will not only gain a deeper appreciation for wildlife conservation, but will have the opportunity to be an active participant within it.

Quotes from Campers

“White Oak is the place where I first came out of my shell. I was always a really shy and introverted kid that was scared of talking to new people but I’ve always loved animals. My first year, the counselors and other campers really helped me become the friendly and extroverted person I am today. I hope to do the same for new campers at White Oak.”

“Throughout the five years that I’ve attended White Oak, I have been able to make memories to last me a lifetime. I’ve met so many extraordinary people: campers, counselors, and educators alike, that have made each experience so special to me. It’s because of what I’ve been able to experience and discover, that I would love nothing more than to continue to dedicate my future towards wildlife conservation.”

“I have learned so much about conservation, I love the animals and their individual personalities and abilities, and I love being out in nature. I have  also made wonderful friendships, and learned a great deal about myself.” 

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