International Training Partners

Kenya Wildlife Service Veterinary Technician Training

Discussion with the senior veterinary staff at the Kenya Wildlife Service revealed that though the Kenya veterinarians are often exposed to advanced training, their veterinary technicians are not and would benefit from advanced training to bring them up to a level to provide increased support to the veterinarian.

A pilot program was developed whereby veterinary technicians from Kenya Wildlife Service visited White Oak to receive advanced training with experienced veterinary technicians.

Aspects of training include:

  1. designing an electronic record keeping method for samples storage and banking
  2. training in pharmacy inventory, including categorizing of drugs and conducting drug inventories
  3. microscope analysis of prepared bird blood slides

Veterinary technicians from White Oak have also traveled to Kenya Wildlife Service to provide additional on-site training, and to collectively assess future opportunities for technician training.

In the future, White Oak will continue to utilize its expertise and facilities to work with international partners and help train conservationist from around the world.