White Oak is uniquely positioned to educate and inspire the next generation of conservationists and stewards of the natural world.  We are proud to have launched a suite of new and exciting conservation education programs in 2014, with the mission of advancing conservation literacy.

White Oak offers an array of experiential education programs for a variety of learners.  Come spend a day or a week surrounded by imperiled species in a refuge for animals, people, and ideas.  As an education guest, you or your students will learn from leading experts in diverse life sciences and engage in stimulating programs that infuse core scientific and conservation principles. 

Conservation Education Camps

Students join our science instructors as they engage with zoologists, veterinarians, and researchers while meeting the creatures they are working to save.  Beyond inspiring students, we offer access to guest amenities such as golf, swimming, campfires, and river tours for lots of traditional camp fun.  This camp experience leaves students with indelible memories, new friends, and practical science skills.  Learn more here

Field Experiences

Our unique programs include animal experiences, conservation expert interactions, and activities all focused on conservation science.  These class trips can be designed for students from elementary (7 years old and up) to college seniors.  We work with educators to shape the experience to your classroom curriculum and to our conservation projects around the world.

Why Education at White Oak?

We have a living curriculum of more than 30 imperiled species on over 16,000 acres of pristine Florida forests and wetlands.  We can accommodate diverse learners interested in experiential conservation education programs found nowhere else.

To learn more about our education programs call 904 225 3396 or email or Sign up for our electronic newsletter to hear about our new and exciting education programs as they are announced.

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