Internships and Preceptorships

Equine Internship

The Equine Internship provides recent high school graduates, college students and recent college graduates direct experience in animal care with domestic equine and canines to assist them in pursuing a career in the equine industry, animal care field, or veterinary medicine. See the Equine Internship  page for more information.

Wildlife Conservation Internship

The wildlife conservation internships provide college students and recent college graduates direct experience in animal care and exposure to conservation breeding programs, to assist them in making a larger contribution to conservation along their career path. Interns work closely with our animal care specialists to care for the animals that call White Oak home.


-Carnivore/Bird internship: This four month internship focuses in the carnivore and bird teams  learn more

-Rhino/Ungulate internship: This four month internship focuses in the rhino and ungulate teams learn more

-Summer internship: This two month internship focuses in one or more of the animal care teams learn more

-Grasshopper Sparrow internship: This five month internship focuses on the grasshopper sparrow breeding program and avian team learn more

Santa Fe Zoo Science Internship

White Oak offers an animal keeper internship opportunity for selected graduates of the Santa Fe Community College’s Zoo Animal Technology Program. The eight-month internship is designed to provide graduates with additional hands-on experience with wildlife to better prepare candidates for an animal-care career in a zoological institution.  See the Santa Fe Internship page for application information. Please review the internship document for application instructions.

Veterinary Technician Internship

White Oak offers an eight-month internship program for veterinary technicians. During this time period, students work with staff to learn the specialty of exotic animal medicine from the perspective of a technician. This unique opportunity adequately prepares the technicians for entry-level technician positions in zoo and wildlife medicine. Click here Veterinary Technician Internship for application information.

Veterinary Student Preceptorship

Preceptorships are generally six to eight weeks in length and are offered to fourth-year veterinary students. Veterinary externs at White Oak are introduced to zoo medicine and given hands-on experience. See the Veterinary Preceptorship page to learn how to apply.