Hauling Bass

IMG_6491How do you move fish from one lake to another at White Oak? You hold a week long fishing tournament, that’s how. In July, we invited the staff to catch fish from our largest lake for release into one of the other lakes on the property. In this manner, 56 fish were moved  from Spare Lake to others by utilizing the fishing skills of the White Oak staff. Each fish was measured and weighed when caught before going into a live well for transport, or being replaced back into Spare Lake.


Earlier in the year, the Florida Freshwater Fish and Wildlife Commission had visited White Oak’s lakes and recommended the moves in order to increase the health of the fish in our lakes.

Prizes were given for the largest, smallest and most fish caught. Everybody wins. Even the fish!

IMG_4504       IMG_6510

– Stephanie Rutan, Education Specialist

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