White Oak And Cincinnati Zoo Pair Cheetah Cubs

White Oak Conservation and the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden have brought together two cheetah cubs to ensure they have companionship after both cubs were born to single litters. Morticia, a female, was born in September at White Oak. Gomez, a male, was born at the Cincinnati Zoo five weeks later. Both cubs were single-cub litters, called singletons, and cheetah mothers will not usually raise a single cub. Both cubs were taken into human care and the decision to introduce them to form a litter was made. Gomez was brought to White Oak and introduced to Morticia, under the watchful eye of their caregivers. The cubs will grow up together at White Oak as “siblings”, and by doing so, they will learn important skills through playing and by developing proper social cues from visual contact with adult cheetahs.

Learn more about Morticia and Gomez and how our work at White Oak is helping to conserve cheetahs. Read more…

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