It’s a Girl!


Please say hello to the newest addition to our white rhino herd! Born on August 12th to Lynne, she is a bouncing bundle of… rhino. Her mother, Lynne, came to us from the Houston Zoo two years ago. She and another female who came with her, Annie, were introduced to our white rhino herd, including our male, Bully. Within a few months, Bully and Lynne mated and 17 months later, Lynne had her first calf.

The calf was born around 12:15 p.m. on August 12th after a short, easy labor. Because we don’t weigh our rhino calves unless we feel there is a issue (which there wasn’t in this case), we estimate the calf to weigh between 120 – 135 lbs.

IMG_5722b IMG_5727b

The calf was on her feet within a couple of hours of being born. She got some ‘help’ from her mother the first time but she was soon moving around on her own. Her strength and coordination improve daily and her mother is already having trouble keeping up with her. Stay tuned to our blog and to our Facebook page as we will continue to post pictures of her as she grows!

– Stephanie Rutan, Education Specialist


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